Sunday, February 23, 2014

I'm baaaack!

Ok sort of... I've decided I should set a goal to blog at least once a week and since it's been over a year since my last update I would just update you on the current happenings of the Barlow familia (mainly because it would be the easiest way for me to hit that "post" button rather than trying to update from our last year.)

Currently: Nohea is two (and a half) years old and is a gabbing little princess.  She likes to say things like "it's amazing" or "this is delicious".  She will call me "mom" and Spencer "dad" just to ruffle our feathers and when we try to correct her with "mommy" and "daddy" she will continue to say "mom" or "dad".  She definitely has a mind of her own.  We take her to Disneyland often and she LOVES all of the princesses, Mickey, Goofy, Donald, and the rest of the Disney gang.  She loves to slide and swing. And most of all she LOVES nursery.  Sometimes when the closing prayer is being said in sacrament she is already making her way out the door.  One time we couldn't find her through the crowd of people and sure enough she had already walked herself to nursery and was already inside the room playing with her little friends.  I love this little girl and her sweet personality.  She loves to hide and when I make the best she loves to mess it up by crawling underneath the sheets.  Spencer and I are so lucky to have her... even when she is a terrible two.  Life without her wouldn't be complete.

Spencer switched jobs working for Deloitte to working for Quiksilver and it has been an amazing experience for all of us!  He is home between 5:00 PM and 6:00 PM, sometimes he even gets of early (around 4:00 PM).  His office is about a ten minute driving (depending on traffic) and it's close to the beach.  I'm still trying to adjust to him being home so early in the day.  Now we actually have an evening together.

I am currently a part-time stay at home mom and I am LOVING it!  I say part-time only because Nohea and I are home together part-time.  I am babysitting for a family in Tustin for two boys (8 and 10).  Nohea and I stroll over to their elementary school, pick up the boys, walk home, eat a snack, and do home work.  It really is such a great part-time gig because I can bring Nohea with me.  And the family is seriously so adorable!

We just closed on our condo in Huntington Beach and couldn't be more excited.  This past week we had a guy come and put recessed lighting into the downstairs.  The next couple of weeks we are trying to get the popcorn ceiling down and every room repainted before we move all the way in.  So our belongings are still collecting dust in storage.  Our home is about four miles away from the beach, four minutes away from Trader Joe's, and finally something we can stay in for a few years!  And since we've been nomads for the last (almost) three years of our lives, you know we are anticipating staying in one place for a while!  And of course the beautiful city of Huntington Beach isn't bad.

Spencer and I spend our free time at our crossfit gym in Newport, Crossfit Newport Mesa (see here).  We love getting in our workout and eating a Paleo diet 80% of the time.  Spencer bought me a Blendtec for my birthday and we love making juices and green smoothies with it.  On the weekends we misbehave and eat donuts, ice cream, or cookies.  We love our healthy lifestyle, but we also love our sweets.  And it's always a good thing to be rewarded for good eating behavior (wow that just sounded like a dog to its master).  Anyway, we are pretty busy with work, raising Nohea, trying to get everything updated in our condo slash move in, crossfit, and every other unmentionable that comes with life.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sydney, Australia

We flew into Sydney for a day to see the opera house and visit Bondi Beach. Every time I heard the people speak all I could think of is Finding Nemo! The city is beautiful and I'm so glad we got to see it... Now if only I could get a copy of the movie Australia with Nicole Kidman...

Monday, February 4, 2013

Happy New Year, Merry Christmas, and Happy Love Day!

Wow it's been a while since I've signed onto this thing.  Life has been busy crazy, of course it's our own fault. We just like to keep busy, busy!  So let's see, how should I do this?  I haven't covered Christmas or New Years or any of January.  Just know we've been to Utah twice within the last month and now I'll just skip to what's currently going on with the Barlows...

We leave in two days for our big trip to New Zealand!  We've been busy preparing for that.  And by "preparing" I mean we've been trying to figure out how to use our new GoPro camera.  Below is our Disneyland video.  We've also been busy with the logistics of the trip, where to stay, what to eat, blah, blah, blah.

Nohea and I of course take our weekly visits to Disneyland still and Spencer is still working his cute bum away with Deloitte.  We are trying to figure out our next move in life... buy a house? have another baby? go back to school? what state to live in?  When you live a spontaneous life, question marks usually end every one of your sentences...?

I've also been busy trying to get my beach body for our trip to NZ.  It's summer there and I'm so excited to hit the beach!  I've been doing bootcamp for a month now and have lost another pant size.  I have to brag and because this is my blog I reserve the right... I'm smaller than I was before I had a baby.  That just feels so good to type right now.  I may not look it, but I've bought a bunch of new pants because my old ones don't fit.  When we get back from NZ I'm going to try cross fit to see what all the hype is about... who knows, I might be hooked on that?  Summer is just around the corner and since this summer will be spent at Huntington Beach I really want to be in shape!  Ok, I'll stop...

An update on Nohea is that she now can make scowls with her face, she started nursery yesterday, and she has a new baby cousin (Mykah, my sister's baby).

I probably won't blog again until we get back, which is at the end of the month so I hope you had a great end of 2012, a great January, and a great February!


Sunday, December 16, 2012

Life Lately

I admit I'm only busy because I like to stay busy. Between working out, play dates at Disneyland, and trying to keep our bills in order I leave little room to update our blog on daily happenings... thank goodness for Instagram! In the past few weeks here are a few things (and pictures) we've been busy with.

1. Christmas shopping
2. Breaking in our taste buds on some fried chicken and waffles at Roscoes in Long Beach.
3. Taking showers (still need to work on consistency).
4. Buying new jewelry from The Loft, including my new bubble necklace I scored for $19.
5. Seeing daddy off every morning before he heads to work in Costa Mesa (I still can't believe we are finally living in SoCal).
6. Trying on hats from 50 years ago.
7. Teaching Nohea the importance of "kissing Mama" daily.
8. Grocery shopping with Dada.
9. Visiting Ikea every Tuesday because kids eat free and let's be honest, the kids retail area is just a free indoor playground for moms to bring their kids.
10. On days when it's 70-degrees we like to go to the park and go down the slide.
11. We finally because California official, which cost us a pretty penny. I can't believe how much we had to pay just to get our car registered... how do people sleep at night?!?

It's always some kind of an adventure, of course it's not always roses, but it's been a lot more fun with family around.


You could say I'm obsessed. We bought annual Disneyland passes since we'll be living in SoCal for the next nine months or so and I just can't get enough of this magical place! One week I went three times... obsessed much?

I know I'm totally an old lady but whenever I walk through those Disney gates I feel like the time turned back a decade (or two) and I feel giddy inside when I catch a glimpse of any Disney princess. My mom teases me that "most kids would be happy to just go to the park." And I totally admit that we bought passes more for me than for baby girl... but it's refreshing to feel like a little kid again!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

NorCal to SoCal

Spencer and I left Tampa over a month ago.  We had a fun time, but I admit it's a lot nicer being closer to family.  We took what seemed to be the LONGEST flight ever due to our two layovers to San Francisco.  Spencer's dad had planned a boys weekend in San Francisco which included sight seeing and Monday night football at the 49er stadium.  So we flew back (my birthday weekend might I add) celebrated my birthday at a lovely French soul food restaurant in the city, spent some time with family in fun SF (including a trip to Muir Woods), and then packed up our car for our road trip to Orange County.  We had decided to take the scenic route since I had never been and I'm so glad we did!  We spent the night in Monterey, stopped by Pebble Beach, did the 17 mile drive, and stopped off at the elephant seal beach.  We had also stopped off to see the Hearst Castle, but realized when we arrived that it is $25 per person so we kept on moving. I'm just glad our car made the trip since it hasn't been driven consistently in over a year.

So we made it to SoCal which is where we will be for the next nine months.  We are LOVING it so far! We bought our annual Disneyland passes and I've been four times in two weeks... you could say I'm obsessed.  But seriously that place is just so magical and there is no way anyone can do Disney in just one day.  I love being able to take Nohea on the rides and see the princesses!  I'm definitely enjoying it more than her, but I'm sure one day she'll appreciate it.

I am still feeling like my life is a dream. I get teased that my life is a vacation and sometimes I feel it is, simply because living out of a hotel and on the road is far from reality.  Spencer is quick to remind me when I'm acting like a brat that I don't have anything to complain about, that I am extremely blessed.  He is right. Yes, I'll write that again, he is right.  I am extremely blessed, to which I feel so undeserving.  I love my life and I love my babies and I love SoCal.

My 28th Birthday

French soul food at Brenda's in SF

Taco truck in San Bruno (our neighborhood)

 BYU at San Jose State

 Sunday drive to Muir Woods

Somewhere past Carmel on our drive to SoCal

This sums up our drive along the coast

Baby girl is the best little traveler! 
Elephant Seal Beach

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A pathetic update...

I apologize for my lack of blogging. In the past three weeks a few things have changed:

1.) My age
2.) My address
3.) My mind... we're not going private so continue to stalk away all you foreigners (yes that means you Quezon City, Philippines and you in the Netherlands).

Until I find actual time to catch up this blog here are a few pictures from our trip home to San Francisco.  Sometimes I really wish we could actually live there. And sometimes I wish I could find more time to blog... until then, Instagram will suffice.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Thanksgiving is a lot better with cupcakes.  My sister-in-laws decided to have a cupcake wars and I'm totally lame and didn't participate.  It might have been due to our evening arrival from our 13 hour drive from Monterey (we got stuck in LA traffic on Thanksgiving eve, fail).  Anyway the competition was fierce and every cupcake was totally better than Sprinkles, Cocoa Bean, and even Georgetown... I'm not trying to be nice either, homemade baked goods always has the upper hand.

We didn't get a family picture on Thanksgiving but we did get a picture together the next day at the Santa Ana Zoo.  Nohea was a total superstar and pet her first snake.  She's braver than her Mama.

Saturday we went to lunch in Irvine and went to the dollar movie to see Trouble with the Curve.  Nohea is such a crack up! While we were eating she started making faces at us... see her duck lippies below.  Thanksgiving weekend was super fun... too bad Spencer had to head back to Tampa to finish up his project the following Monday.