Monday, January 24, 2011


Tonight's lesson: Don't procrastinate!
Spencer and I spent our Monday night doing homework. My New Year's resolution this year is NOT to do homework on Sundays... I've succeeded so far, but now our Family Home Evenings are suffering. It looks like I need to add another goal.
Spencer and I love spending time at my mom's house when we have homework. My mom and sister are in school as well so it's one big study sesh. Our place is a little too small for the both of us to spread out and do our homework. Yes, we have an office with a huge executive desk, and of course we choose the living room floor to do homework. The best part of mom's place? Her fireplace :)
{Spencer's favorite study spot}

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Brown Family! said...

Curtis said today if he ever goes pro in something it would be "pro"crastinating. What a nerd right? Haha...